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Startups, entrepreneurs, tech journalists and investors! We want you all at the Rockstart Answers on July, the 30th, in Bucharest, at 360 HUB.
This event is looking to gather the Romanian startup community in a a many-to-one feedback event, meant to help startups answer their most important questions.
Connect, share your experience, get some advice and expertise, find someone to invest in, or get funded!
This summer, beer’s on us!
You just have to bring your game face, get your sexy on and Rockstart your business!
Who should be there?
Hot, sexy Tech Startups in any stage, ready to pitch their juicy, astonishing ideas. Just 5 of them will make it onstage. The rest can still enjoy all the networking opportunities and know-how offered by this event
Apply here:
Investors- Rock out with your fund out!
Journos- You’ve probably seen a few startups sink or swim in your days. Who can offer better advice and feedback than you?
Entepreneurs- You have or had at some point a startup. What did you find particularly useful for you and what proved out a complete waste of your time?
Let us know you’re coming :…
About Rockstart
Rockstart Answers is a global community of entrepreneurs and industry related persons stimulating the culture of knowledge sharing and the pay-it-forward mentality within local startup ecosystems. Through a many-to-one feedback format, the Rockstart Answers series of local events brings together a vibrant mixture of startups, entrepreneurs, mentors and investors.
Rockstart originated in Amsterdam and it spread throughout Europe, currently taking place in 18 cities, including: Paris, Vilnius, Porto, Oslo, Kiev, London, Athens and Barcelona. 


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